100 years of continuous civil war in Finland

You have probably heard from many sources that everything is well in Finland. It is not true what they say. There is no legally operating judicial system in this country. Just violence and brutal force against those who are witnesses in criminal cases of corrupt government officials. A 100 years long civil war still going on in this imaginary state called "Finland". Who will be the winners of this Second Civil War of Finland? Please read the whole story -- THE END IS MOST IMPORTANT!

The officials and government agents do not have to obey any laws in Finland. They instead act as members of a criminal gang that destroys evidence and properties of the witnesses. Those governmental gangsters -- both men and women living with taxpayers' money -- are violent outlaws. They are protected by the pretending government that use unprofessional low quality propaganda, show trials, brutal violence, muggings and murders against the witnesses. How is this possible in Finland that runs international branding campaigns telling a completely different story?

Violent history of Finland

Finland is a rather large country with small population. Five and half million inhabitants but only 17 persons on every square kilometer. As the oldest citizens have told, this is why a small minority with a Russo-Japanese War veteran and lieutenant general of Russian Army Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim as their chief was able to seize power in a short but bloody civil war about one hundred years ago in 1918.

Later Marshal and president of Finland, Mr. Mannerheim is a hero of the winners. Much less known is that he was a former Russian spy. This is well documented in his illustrated book "Ratsain halki Aasian" (On horseback through Asia). He also gave orders on murdering of innocent civilian citizens. As a much later result between 2005 and 2017, the officials have destroyed large private archives, attacking those who knew the original witnesses and mishandling or murdering witnesses of these new crimes.

Conditions after the war were almost unchanged for decades and the same holds true in principle even today. The rich against the poor and criminal officials against the citizens who demand returning of law and order into this country. There are no good violent alternatives for the poor in Finland however. A guerrilla warfare is not possible, because there are no mountains where to hide and the temperature may be under -30 degrees Centigrade in winter. So, the Finns living under continuous hard core structural corruption have tried to find other roads to their personal freedom.

The war of criminal officials against 10000 and 300000 citizens

It is rather strange that conditions like a civil war were created in Finland by the officials -- not by the oppressed citizens. Fighting continues both on background and in daily propaganda news of silently controlled television and newspapers. When the government officials arranged show trials with false accusations against more than 10000 Finnish members of the UK-based investment club called Wincapita and destroyed the club completely, it became evident that international help is needed in Finland.

Finnish officials have no legal power abroad but they acted as they were officials of some other country. In this case they pretended to be UK officials using legal power that belongs only to the United Kingdom. British bank account of the club was closed, a great number of show trials with enforced publicity were arranged around Finland during several years and the properties and future of the club members were destroyed.

These illegal acts of Finnish officials are not a secret. Because of unprofessional government mass propaganda, that could be read even from government controlled newspapers already in 2007 when the first public attacks against club members were made -- but what did the officials say when their motives were asked by independent newspaper reporters?

At first the officials insisted, that it is not possible to make money with fast hardware and self learning algorithms in stock exchanges or Forex Trading. So, there is something criminal in trying to be winners instead of being losers, they said. They also insisted that it is not possible to win in sports betting. Although their claims were nonsense or plain bullshit, the government propaganda had an effect on ordinary citizens who had been kept ignorant with the same method for decades.

When your government lies and produces unprofessional low quality propaganda acting like a stupid machine, all citizens are in danger. Everybody can compare government lies against the truth however. Check at first how much money Billy Walters alone and Tony Bloom (Starlizard) with his syndicate have made in sports betting and what did JV Miller tell about professional sports betting (professionalgambler.com).

The lies of the Finnish officials about investing and trading are really funny. Contrary to their claims, the crash of the next year 2008 was caused by automated buy and sell orders made by computers. This so called high frequency trading (HFT) and rapid trading represent now successfully more than half of all trading in major exchanges around the whole world.

Most funny is that the government officials used a local professor to tell lies in public -- or quoted him wrongly. Ignorant people still believe nonsense but HFT and rapid trading are not new ideas. The Nobel prize winner economist of the year 2013 Eugene F. Fama proved both possible in his scientific articles already about 40 years earlier. Source: The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013 (new information affects prices ALMOST immediately).

Least funny is that this was only the smaller of the two large attacks of the government. Started in 1991, hundreds of thousands Finns were attacked by the government, that destroyed their property in illegal co-operation with banks. According to the law and published economic figures, all major banks were bankrupt at that time. Instead of helping the citizens in trouble, the government of Finland ILLEGALLY used taxpayers' money to save the banks, making their poor customers pay the debts of the banks in the end.

Finland might be the most corrupt country of the world

Finland -- where dishonest pretending officials lie and deliver wrong information globally with their just learned information warfare methods -- may be the most corrupt country of the world. Conventional brain washing begins in Finland already in government controlled schools and is continued with government controlled media that delivers disinformation for adult citizens.

Freedom of opinion is non-existent in Finland. You can say almost anything and express any truth but the consequences will be severe and kept strictly secret by the government controlled media. Even their keywords and structure of their sentences in the news are different to natural Finnish language. Newspeak against thoughtcrimes.

Not all citizens are in the same position. Finland is extremely unfriendly against small-business owners but supports the big ones that can buy almost anything with money -- as well as without money. The whole society of Finland is based on invisible structural corruption run by the ruling lower class, the government of Finland.

Structural corruption without dissidents

It is a well known truth that structural corruption is invisible to the global corruption barometer of Transparency International (transparency.org) too. They are well aware of the problem that will be probably corrected in the future with advanced tools based on artificial intelligence. Finland is not one of the best but one of the worst.

Severe structural corruption of Finland and the fact that the officials use extreme violence against the witnesses are best understood outside of Finland by those who know the old term Finlandization (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finlandization).

At the time approximately from the year 1968 to 1992 when Finland was best known abroad from a combination of self-censorship and widest possible corruption called Finlandization, the block of communist countries was said to be working for peace and solidarity. Citizens of Soviet style communist countries were happy, they were all friends of Finland and dissidents were nonexistent. Mass insanity of the Finnish officials.

New kind of self-censorship and the Second Civil War of Finland

Almost the same behavior still continues in Finland where secret black lists are used for controlling of the citizens. Self-censorship means now simply that talking about structural corruption is prohibited -- but what do the independent individuals do now to be safe?

The individuals keep silent and create new technologies that are outside control of the government officials. This is the government initiated Second Civil War of Finland in the middle of deep structural corruption. A hidden war against privacy and human rights where citizens try to protect themselves using cryptography and other related technology.

Finland turned 100 years -- who will be the winners of the war?

At the time when Finland turned 100 years on December 6 2017, all poor citizens were in the same kind of danger than 100 years earlier -- but now they are not left alone any more. New kind of unknown heroes with anonymous international help may well be able to destroy the criminal world of the gangster style Finnish officials.

Winners of the Second Civil War of Finland will be physics, mathematics and engineering. Congratulations to all brave individuals including their young and old friends abroad as well as the last few honest officials who try to return law and order into Finland! Together with physics, mathematics and engineering, they'll all have a permanent place at the top in the history of true Finland.

Closing of this site does not mean saying Good Bye

Just before expected closing of this site, this is the last chance to tell the most important thing. It is not enough to say that unprofessional low quality governmental propaganda and pretending in television and newspapers are only funny. The government of Finland have created their own criminal gangs that arrange show trials and use brutal force against those who are witnesses in criminal cases of corrupt government officials. Muggings, murders and complete destruction of documents and properties of the witnesses included. What kind of persons are the targets of the officials?

There are not many differences between them and globally well known international heroes who became famous because of their intensive fighting for human rights, freedom of speech, privacy, digital rights and safety on the Internet. Targets of the violent Finnish government officials consist of technical experts, individuals with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and members of other minority groups. Mainly of persons with poorly understood disabilities. Disabilities that made them vulnerable but at the same time very capable in their own areas of interest.

Not everybody can read these last chapters without tears. Their chances for a happy life were completely lost because of a born disability or a disability of some family member. Those Finnish officials who were in charge of giving them support and help for a honorable life and decent living, used extreme violence and destroyed everything. Attacked together with a whole army of other insane officials turned into criminals and murderers. Human rights and orders of law are nonsense in their hands.

All members of the government gangsters and outlaws are living with taxpayers' money. They are also protected by the government that run this imaginary state like a Potemkin village. Finland is not a welfare state when seen inside but more like a rogue state. This is not the end of the story about corruption in Finland however. Something very different and very useful has been silently developed in the middle of the Second Civil War of Finland. Very different and very positive. What else could anybody expect! Please wait..